Monday, July 25, 2005


Harry Potter invades my life.

I feel like a pedophile - I'm infatuated with Harry Potter. Damn JK. She's caught me up in her web once again. Yes, there are flaws in the new book, but it is also rocks. Mostly I just like the experience of immersing myself in the world of Hogwarts once again. Right now I'm trying to get over the inevitable sadness that grips me every time I finish a fun book that captures my imagination. I try to read slowly so I can savor the experience, but of course that doesn't work. And now I'm missing the world so much that I'm thinking I should start from Year 1 and read all the way through all the books again. I'm such a dork. At least I have the movie version of The Goblet of Fire to look forward to in November. I love the beginning of the trailer where it shows images of the characters growing up over the past 3 films and into the 4th. Not only am I a dork, I'm also a sap. Oh well, so it goes.

Now that the San Diego Comic Con is over and done with, and we've moved on to the next item on our plate at Sideshow, I'm having a lot of fun looking back and actually missing some of the - admittedly exhausting - excitement. We somehow found the time to make a pretty cool video documenting the Con experience as seen from the Sideshow booth. You can watch it here... it's Quicktime and it takes a little while to download, as it's over 6 minutes long and fairly high quality - so be patient. I have a very dorky moment toward the middle, quoting Planet of the Apes of all things. But it really was a madhouse, which is entirely evident from the video. I have seen some pretty nasty crowds in my day, but believe me when I say I have never ever experienced anything like the masses of people at Comic Con this year. Fun and annoying at the same time... I love people-watching, but there is a limit, especially when I'm stressed out and tired.

Some more fun little tidbits from the Con: people are selling our Star Wars over-sized bags on eBay. I wonder if they will actually sell? That would be insane.

And as a shout-out to my friend and co-worker, Sam (whose brother, Joshua, is the guy who blogged about his horrendous experience on the MTA here in LA), let me just say that it's super-cool that the Werewolf Oz figure that Sideshow made as a Con exclusive comes wearing a Imperative Reaction t-shirt. What exactly is Imperative Reaction, you ask? Well, Google it and find out! It just so happens that it's Sam's band - a band that happens to ROCK. Sam plays the drums, and I admit that I have never seen them live, but I plan on doing so at the AntiViolence LA benefit concert on August 21st at the Key Club. All LA bloggers should come! Actually, scratch that... everyone in the LA area should come (although they'd probably have some trouble trying to squeeze into the Key Club)!!

Antiviolence LA

To close, I think my bitching and moaning has paid off - Sideshow may soon have an official blog! My pro-blogging persuasion - and my complete confidence in blogging as the way of the future in regards to communication between corporations and their customers - has been heard!! It's in beta testing right now... by reading this blog, you'll be among the first to know the minute it's live - how special - and geeky. Don't miss it! :)

Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Why Finn's Space? One of my best friends, who I also work with, is also named "Kathryn" and it was getting ridiculous as it seemed as though we were speaking of ourselves in the third person so seeing as how my last name is Casey, Finnegan, or Finn, was a natural choice as an alternative, as in Casey & Finnegan (which would make a lot more sense if you were Canadian and had grown up watching Mr. Dressup --- google it)

As for HP, did you see my geek-o-metre post? I actually rationed the darn book so as not to finish it too quickly. Now that's dorky =)
I'm so jealous you got to go to Comicon as part of your job. All I get as part of my job is free toys and videos n stuff...

It's okay to be sappy about HP. I'm currently reading book 6 to Her Lovely Self and am stopping every five seconds to recall some bit of minutia from the previous books, as though these were kids I went to school with.
You're reading HLS the book out loud? How romantic. You should provide us with an excerpted reading as a podcast on your blog ;)
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