Friday, January 13, 2006


USC is humbled


Seconds After the Winning Touchdown

HI got in the spirit too!
this cat bleeds orange!

More video:

The Eyes of Texas Are Upon Us
(I deeply apologize for the horrible singing, some of which I freely admit is coming from me)

I had the pleasure of getting together with a big loud group of University of Texas alums at the Hooter's (yes, Hooter's) in Pasadena, 1 mile from the Rose Bowl, to watch this, the best game in college football history!! Wish I coulda been at the actual game, but this was the next best thing - although being in Austin would have rocked too.

Take THAT USC!! Unbeatable eh? It's always dangerous when teams get too cocky. Hope that doesn't happen to my Horns...

Hook 'Em!

Sunday, January 01, 2006


It was a good year.

Just wanted to make my monthly check-in to say:

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that.

Hope everyone had a good one, whichever way you may choose to celebrate the season.

I know I did.

And so did fatty fat-fat, who had the pleasure of discovering a distinct taste for beer out of the bottle.

(The BF took care of him for a few days while I was out of town over the holidays, making him feel like a one of the guys by putting the poor cat through Hell Week - he was kind enough to journal it with the following video.)

mmmmm beer

P.S. Go HORNS!!!!! Show those USC fanboys who's boss on January 4th.

(more soon, specificaly concerning this)

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