Thursday, August 18, 2005



So I ordered a low cal blueberry something-or-other smoothie from the neighborhood Jamba Juice today. It started out bluey-purpley and after about 15 minutes it changed to this color:

more green slime

It's in the trash now.

I love Jamba Juice but your right that looks like well like.. yeah you know I can't describe it... It looks scary looking....
That's fucking gross!

Have you acquired any mutant powers yet?
just reinforces "low-fat = wrong"
does sleeping 12 hours a day count as a mutant power?
Come on now... Between your work, commute and partying, you shouldn't have but, oh, let's see, about 4 hours of sleep a night! Now on the weekend... that's another story!
Weekend, that's what I meant. For instance, today is Sunday and I just woke up - it's noon. Yay, 4 good hours wasted again... oh well.
That's why you should leave the lid on.
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