Wednesday, August 10, 2005



It's a rainbow of nachos!


I certainly do miss my Tex Mex, but So Cal has lots of "healthy" Mexican food eateries (healthy in quotes because I'm pretty sure nachos with one metric ton of melted cheddar cheese on top does not necessarily qualify as healthy - but hey, I got the black beans instead of the pinto, so gimme some credit for that choice). I took advantage of one called Sharky's for lunch today. Talk about bang for your buck! This photo was taken AFTER consuming enough nachos to make my stomach bulge to the point of un-buttoning the top button.

Yesterday morning the space shuttle Discovery made a surprise landing at Edwards Air Force Base, about an hour from my apartment. The twin sonic booms scared the bejeesus out of The BF and me. Whenever he hears something that frightens him suddenly out of a deep sleep, he always ends up giving me a good left hook - like *I'm* the one making the God-awful noise and he must protect himself and me... from me. That's always fun at five o'clock AM. Then the garbage truck started in at six and the leaf blower thingy at seven. It doesn't help that our walls are made out of tissue paper. I didn't get much sleep that night. But I did find out that I'm not too freaked out and paranoid that terrorists are going to start setting off bombs in LA because, now that I think about it, that's what it sounded like. Instead of breaking out the instant bomb shelter, I just said, "Well, what the hell, we're not dead so it can't be too serious", iced my black eye, and went back to sleep. Until the garbage truck rolled up.... no wonder everyone in this city is stressed to the point of shooting people on the freeways - no one can get any sleep with all the goddamn noise.

Holy shitballs - I knew I avoided video games for a reason.

Stories like that make me worry about my friends. Some of these guys play World of Warcraft for hours everday.

I like video games too, but I really like REALITY.
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