Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Watch this.

If you want to laugh.

Improve your English

And if you don't want to laugh, what the heck's the matter with you?

P.S. Is there a club for people who are addicted to watching Pride and Prejudice? I can't stop watching it - I swear I've seen it 7 times since I bought the DVD a few days ago...

7 times! What were you sinking about? ;)
I totally concur about P&P. I can't stop watching. Why is that? And is it so wrong to love Darcy and wish I was Elizabeth? Is it so wrong to FEEL???? :)
- Found you via JSDC. You should have taken pictures of the Goth skating costumes! -
Hi Kellie! Yes I should have taken pictures darnit... maybe next time!
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